Indie Band Saint Mars shares important music video

Band Saint Mars released their music video for song ‘Ocean Blues’, which premiered via Wonderland Magazine. Saint Mars are known to use their music platform as a way to shine a light on current social issues. The band is fronted by the youngest member, 15-year-old lead singer Tryzdin, who carries the weight of the lyrics with valour and sincerity. 

Marc Darcange adds,“… the story of a young boy bullied because of his overweight, called “Piggy the Whale” by his classmates and ending up turning into a real whale… I think the video develops this strong image further: the young boy gets more and more stigmata through the bullying, to the point he becomes what other people say he is; if they constantly call you an idiot, you will become that idiot. In psychology, this is called the Pygmalion effect.”

The music video features a young boy as the lead being tormented with a shadow and as a result, he develops tattoo-like marks on his body. These marks serve as a metaphor for his emotional distress, which works well with the lyrics “Bruises fade, but scars they form”, as these marks remain on him into adulthood. This creates a dramatic effect in the video climax which concludes that past traumas like bullying can haunt the victim long into adulthood.

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